My Big Invisible Friend Can Beat Up Your Big Invisible Friend!

22 09 2009

I never really understood Religious wars, particularly the Religious wars among Christians, Muslims and Jews, as they all claim to worship the same God.  But even less comprehensible to me were the internecine wars between various Christian factions, particularly because the one they worship was called the Prince of Peace.

But, when you boil down Religious wars, it comes down to the title of this entry: My Big Invisible Friend Can Beat Up Your Big Invisible Friend.  I thought this was silly because if God exists and is largely as described by most Religions, then here is this All-Powerful, All-Knowing,  Omnipresent deity directing His frail, short-sighted and very finite human beings to engage in mortal combat with those of an enemy who doesn’t exist. 

Why bother?  Surely God had better things to do with His infinite time than to send out those who sing His praises to commit acts that He says not to do (foremost among them, thou shalt not kill).

But, then, it became clear to me that Religion had very little to do with the teachings of the underlying myths, and then it became easy to understand: Religious war, like all wars, was waged for the betterment of those directing the winning side. 

This leads to the following simple truth: the rich and powerful like being rich and powerful, and seek ever to increase their riches and their power.

Let me throw another simple truth out there: money does not exist in nature.  Power, sure.  Money, not so much.  Money is a man-made device to allow for the uneven distribution of finite materials.  And money is based on land.  The more your land can produce, the more wealth it generates.  Better farmlands, more plentiful forests, huge running rivers, all generate revenue.  And war is fought to increase land holdings.  The word “miles” comes from the Latin word for “soldiers”. 

This, however, only partially expains the animosity bred into people of one faith to despise people of another.  The reason that animosity is fostered between peoples of faith is the same reason that certain political parties today wish to foster hatred between its own citizens.  To increase the uneven distribution of finite materials.

In Man’s natural state, there is no large disparity in wealth.  The tribe succeeds together, or fails together.  Sure, in the end of a long cold winter, it is the strong who survive and the weak who perish, but food and water are, more or less, evenly distributed, and everyone has a role in bringing in food: the able-bodied hunt; the infirmed, elderly, young, pregnant and those who watch after the children gather fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries.  Most meals were vegetarian, and meat had to be eaten quickly.  This led to the women farming and the men hunting (note, there will be more on this as I investigate the story of Cain and Abel in an entry to come).  As time went on, farming produced enough extra food that certain people could dedicate some of their time to non-food producing efforts, and, eventually, a class of people who didn’t produce food at all came into being;l this included both the Priest class and the Ruling class. 

During times of scarcity, one could understand that the food producing people would want to keep their food and the non-food producing people, well, they could fend for themselves.  It was about then that the Priest class claimed control over the weather, thus making themselves an invaluable part of the food production, and holding out the threat that, if they were not well tended to, perhaps the Gods would send a bitter cold winter, or withhold the rain next planting season.  Of course, if the Priest couldn’t deliver, that would be the end of that Priest and he would be sacrificed to appease the Gods whom he must have offended.  It didn’t take too long for the Priests to come up with the clever idea of sacrificing animals instead, by simple decree, and suggested that people bring their best animals and crops to be sacrificed to the Gods.  This, by the way, was the backdrop to Samuel I and II, which started the line of Hebrew Kings.  Anyway, if the Gods weren’t appeased, there must have been a problem with the sacrifice, and therefore, it was the peasants’ fault, and not the Priests’.  Pretty clever, huh?

It became clear, way back then, that there were always going to be more of the peasants than there were of the privileged classes, both the Priest class and the Ruling class, who, by the way, liked being rich and powerful, and wanted to increase their riches and their power.  But, as I said, there were more of the poor and the powerless than there were of the rich and the powerful, and if they ever bonded together, they could do away with the rich and the powerful by sheer force of numbers. 

 Remember that line: we must stand together or we shall fall divided?  Or we’re only as strong as the weakest link?  Well, the Ruling/Priest classes sure did, and they made sure that the poor were always fighting among themselves, and they kept the education within the Ruling/Priest class.  And both passed laws to keep the poor from taking by force what the privileged had made for themselves by cunning.

Both the poor and the rich, regardless of color or Religion or language or whatnot, will always have more in common with their counterpart on the other side than they do with each other, and the larger the disparity in wealth between the rich and poor, the stronger the link with their counterparts.  So, in times of extreme disparity in fortunes, a war, even if it is not profitable, serves to lessen the number of the poor surrounding the rich, making the rich safer. 

Also, the greater the disparity in fortunes, the less money is spent on the common good, and what is spent is on the less common and is less good.  One example of this in our modern world is the idea of spending public money on school vouchers, schools for the privileged, parochial schools, or some combination thereof… take the money out of the public realm and put it into the private… take the money out of the secular and put it into the religious.  Mission Accomplished!




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23 09 2009
Mette Damgaard

God, gods, heritage is in the soul, which sits in spirit, on the outside of our brains mass, as a minimal membrane which can follow on all fronts in the individual lives. Therefore God do not something now after his death, without people through their own “thinking will”, which in turn depends on the shell formation.
A war can be stopped or even prevented from occurring by providing information and education to people. The wiser you’re, the more accepting of dissent gives you space. In the way like you said “we must stand together or we shall fall divided?” . If we united stand, they said in my childhood and youth. It’s probably as true as it is said, but without desire, commitment and initiatives that will stop the development here. We should and must have peace on earth, and not allow ourselves to dominate the militant thinkers or exploitative business people. God speaks all languages, because he is in all. Therefore, all religions, including the right thing. As Jews in Israel have driven their policy, and abused their power through their religion, it grieves me. The Chinese have occupied Tibet, making possible more evil. The talk about Ireland, I do not understand what England are in the modern era, what are they doing over there? One must only be able to say Ireland for Irishmen, Englishmen, therefore, may very well stay there. I myself am a mix of different nationalities. Free people of free nations with logical limits, it must be my desire for a peaceful world.
Get something to take place be active, thank you!
Sorry, but the translate in Google, is not the best. I hope more people will debate!

23 09 2009

I think there should be a difference between taking money out of the public and have other people spending it (taxes to pay for public schools) versus taking your own money and spending it yourself (vouchers to pay for your choice of school). If people have no choice, there would be no competition/improvement of the supply of goods (schools).

Otherwise I like the blog and it’s unique view of things.

23 09 2009

Thanks Leroy! I appreciate your comment. The issue of school vouchers is that it’s not “new money” it’s money that is taken out of the public school system and redirected into private/parochial schools. Now, I don’t have kids, so my tax dollars go to educating other people’s children, and that’s good, because a well educated society benefits us all. But to take public money and put it into private hands depletes the pool of public funds used for the public good, and puts it into private hands and, generally, parochial hands. We’ll get into this later, but the more theocratic a society is, the less free it is.

Thanks for commenting! I look forward to more conversation with you!

24 09 2009

the more theocratic a society is, the less free it is.

I just wanted to post that again, because it’s so right on.

27 09 2009

Taxing people is of course not new money. It’s just money taken from you and spent by others instead of spent by you.
Who is more careful of spending money? The people that worked hard for their money or someone that took your money to spend? Or how should I put this? I see a few scenarios:
1. You earned $20 and have $20 to spend on lunch for yourself, you decide what is good for you. ( You are not taxed but you decide where to spend what you earned for yourself.)
2. Someone gives you $20 and you have $20 to spend on lunch for yourself, you decide what is good for you. (Someone else is taxed and you decide where to spend for yourself.)
3. Someone takes your $20 and you have to spend $20 for lunch
(You are taxed and you decide where to spend for yourself.)
4. Someone takes your $20 and they decide what is good for you but you think their decision sucks. (You are taxed and someone else decides to put your kids in a inner city “public” school where your kids learn to be a delinquent and get juvenile detention and labeled a loser in life at an early age and everyone’s expectation that they will amount to nothing in life comes true.)

27 09 2009

sorry posted response below…

23 09 2009

Mette, this is very well said and well thought out. It always seemed odd to me that I was taught that God created all people, and therefore thou shalt not kill, as you are destroying God’s creation, but Holy Wars are somehow ok? It never made sense to me.

24 09 2009
Mette Damgaard

Thank you newphi. Holy war is not existing or accepted if you believe that God is dead. Therefore, education gives wisdom and understanding. Independent opinions, with responsibility for yourself and your loved ones (charity).
So you know that it is developed through the ages, so today is the arms industry, which keeps the wars. Who was it who made a war in Vietnam? Who were those who sow discord between Iran and Iraq years back? and supported Iraq with weapons? Who is it just to get people to be afraid? Who started the war in Iraq and removed Saddam? It’s so stupid, and politically, it makes me very sorry. Idiots in my small country, sends young peoples off to war, just to support the U.S., which we see as a “big brother”. Now I send my hope to Obama. He is a good speaker!

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