A Question of Semantics

2 10 2009

Before we dive into some pretty weird and arcane stuff (I mean, come on, it *is* a New Age blog, and I’m going to have to get a little weird and arcane, aren’t I?), I wanted to introduce three words and explain how I’ll be using them going forward.  The three words are: paranormal, metaphysical and supernatural.

These words have similar connotations but are not synonymous, although they are often used interchangably among those discussing less weird and arcane things.  The root “para” means “near to”; the root “meta” means “beyond”; and the root “super” means “above”. 

Therefore, the word paranormal means that which occurs as phenomena within the normal world; unusual, certainly, but, if they exist at all, they do so unquestionably within the worldly domain.  This would include things like ghosts, UFOs, and spontaneous combustion. 

Metaphysics, on the other hand, is that which exists beyond our understanding of phyics, but which are bound by Universal Laws.  These include issues associated with quantum reality, and magik, again, given their existence.

The Supernatural is that which exists above the Natural world.  This deals with questions associated with heaven and hell and their actors: gods, devils, angels and demons, once again, if they exist.

So why was Jesus’ ascension, his aliyah, as it were, metaphysical rather than supernatural?  Because the structure of the Universe is comprised of matter, energy, and void, which is embodied in the triple god associated with Christianity; Jesus: Matter; God-the-Father: Energy; Holy Ghost: Void.  When the material Jesus ascended, he became energy.  This conversion of matter to energy is understood in Physics by the ever so famous equation E=mc**2. 

Now, I was as skeptical of Jesus as the next guy, and, in fact, probably a lot more skeptical than most.  I remember arguing with many friends that Jesus could not have been God when he was alive, because, well, who was minding the store?  While Jesus was kicking back yelling at the hypocrites, who was collapsing supernovas in the heavens?  And, really, what proof do we have that the guy ever existed.  Then I saw the Shroud of Turin.  I must admit that I was stunned that, indeed, here was clearly something that was Supernatural, and, if it was Jesus, then, yes, I could see the conversion from matter to energy doing something like that; and if it wasn’t Jesus, well, maybe there was some lonely god out there waiting to be recognized.

Now, we’ll get to the nature of gods and such later.  But remember this: matter, energy, void.




One response

2 10 2009
Mette Damgaard

Cry or worship of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is the faith of a Christian. A real Jew, can not of course believe that Jesus is the Son of God! Never mind. But you’re out on the great plains, and I look forward every day to read your blog. Unfortunately, I think you have “abbanded” me. I can not and has not long been able to watch your movements on your Facebook page. SORRY.
Bahá’í religion has its own sacred texts, including Kitab-i-Aqdas (The Holy Book). A fundamental ethics is faith in God. Religion has no priests or churches, but the buildings only to worship God exists. Central theme in the Bahá’í religion is that Earth is one country and mankind its citizens.
Startet once in Iran.
We belong fortunately all the Semitic religions, Abraham.
But technology defeats primates 🙂 since you have the energy to convert “me” and hopefully others, I think (I hope) you somewhere can see how many visitors there are to your pages! Good luck …. you are my daily protective angel!

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