L’Shana Tovah!  Happy New Year, and welcome to New Thoughts for a New Age!  With the Sun, Moon Mercury conjunction conjoined my natal Moon, the Moon Void of Course, and Chiron conjuct my natal Sun, I thought that, despite Mercury being Retrograde, this was a great time to start a blog dedicated to some new ideas covering religion, philosophy, pre-history and miscellaneous New Age mumbo-jumbo. 

I’m glad you’ve found this site!


3 responses

19 09 2009
Mette Damgaard

I forget to notify me self. I shure did now, thank you!

21 09 2009

Well, I certainly look forward to reading the material that you’ll be posting here. If anyone can sort out gleaming key-points from some of the issues that you’ve listed above, well, it’ll be you, Bambi. You’ve got a good mind, and have been a truly fair and balanced thinker. I always thoroughly enjoyed the wildly gerrymandering conversations that we and our friends had (far back in the dimly-lit mists of the past) about hidden symbolism in films. If you know anything about the subject, I’d really love to read your take on psychotronic (mind control) technologies, at some future point.

16 10 2009

I finally had a chance to sit down and read! Wonderful to see your thoughts in written form. Congrats for getting started. Can’t wait to get into the REAL nitty gritty!

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