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Hey there!

My cousin Judith suggested that I solicit suggestions for future topics.  I have a bunch of stuff I want to talk about, but if you have ideas for topics, go ahead and put a comment here!  Who knows?  This might get lively!  Woohoo!



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26 10 2009
Mette Damgaard

I look to the future theme could be Geology.
What and where there is a great ide to earth plates do harm to mankind.
What and where is it all Astrologers believe there comes a mega comet passed .. or worse comes to the ground around the 2021st
What will it take before people understand that the only support for technological research (within environment) so alternative energy sources as solar panels, turbines, wave prisoners and much more … but it should be inexpensive so that everyone can afford to spend on those energy.
How can we ensure the future (even now) the children a good education.
Only idiots fooled do the violence … what are we doing to incorporate these idiots in our society … so they too can have a dignified life.
Woooow it was more than I actually wanted … so sorry … but hope you will spend just a little bit of it … ang religion, then I think you are well on track, but your readers are probably too afraid of being stupid on your space… so if they do not correspond, it also is cheaper;)
I am looking forward to your blogg. I love what you write 😉

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